Studies in Motion deserves worldwide audience


The new production of Studies in Motion has had variable reviews, but most are enthusiastic.

For all its eye-catching, technological achievements, the remounted Studies in Motion now comes with a clearer plot and more humanity..

says Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier, Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Probably because the Electric Company Theatre’s artistic producer Collier and artistic director Jonathon Young have established a reputation for innovation and excellence, Studies in Motion got a second chance. Kerr has done substantial rewriting, tightening the narrative focus on the play’s central character, landscape photographer Eadweard Muybridge.

The result is a beautifully polished show.

With this production, both Collier and Kerr have increased their already substantial reputations as director and writer respectively. Collier masterfully integrates all the technical elements–and they are substantial–with Kerr’s reworked script. It’s almost as much visual art and dance as it is theatre. Kerr’s offbeat humour comes through but never dominates. Everything is held in a spellbinding balance. And while Muybridge never becomes an entirely sympathetic character, he makes a gesture of such self-sacrifice that Studies in Motion transcends the cool, scientific exploration of a man’s passion for science to the study of a man, past mid-life, making an emotional breakthrough.

Electric Company Theatre can be very proud of this production; it should be seen all across the country not just Calgary and Montreal where it’s going next. Given this second chance, Studies in Motion is ready for stages worldwide.

Read more about the play here

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