Sequences – Paul St George


Sequences: Contemporary Chronophotography and Experimental Digital Art

Edited by Paul St George

From the publisher:

This volume explores the proliferation of contemporary art that uses sequences of images to investigate ideas of space, time, movement and duration. Etienne-Jules Marey, Eadweard Muybridge and other ‘chronophotographers’ first explored these ideas at the turn of the nineteenth century; since then chronophotography has been in the shadow of cinema, but now it’s emerging once again in post-cinema practices, digital art and new experimental photography. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, artists have found that sequences offer new opportunities for exploring continuing issues regarding aesthetics that operate at the intersection of time and space. The book contains a number of illustrated essays by international critics and theorists and discusses the work of a wide range of artists engaged in contemporary chronophotography. The introduction also uses insights from chronophotography to dispel the myth of persistence of vision.

256 pages. ISBN: 978-1-905674-76-3 (pbk). Includes colour illustrations of contemporary artworks.

The author / editor:
Paul St George is a London-based artist and curator and is Principal Lecturer in Computer Animation at London Metropolitan University. He was also the artist behind the Telectroscope, a recent public art project (22 May – 15 June 2008) connecting Brooklyn Bridge, New York and Tower Bridge, London via a special transatlantic tunnel and optical device.

Sequences includes a 28-page chapter by Marta Braun,  Chronophotography: Photographing Movement, which touches on Muybridge’s contribution, with small reproductions of several Muybridge image sequences. A full review of this interesting and attractive book will appear on The Compleat Muybridge website at a later date.

I have to declare an interest in this book, as I was responsible for helping to shape an earlier draft, which later evolved into the version now published by Wallflower.

Now back to The Compleat Muybridge.

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