Muybridge Project Assistant – Kingston

Just too late to apply, I’m afraid, but here are details of a job recently advertised by Kingston University, London.

JOB TITLE: Muybridge Project Assistant (Knowledge Catalyst Employee)

FACULTY/DEPT: Faculty of Art Design and Architecture / Enterprise Support
– Visual & Material Culture Research Centre(FADA) and Knowledge Transfer
Office (Enterprise)

The development and implementation of a web portal linking Kingston Museum’s Eadweard Muybridge Collection to international centers and resources of Muybridge’s work


1. To gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Muybridge Collection, including its history, and the ways in which it has been preserved, catalogued and displayed to the public since it was bequeathed
2. To conduct a survey of the Museum’s Muybridge Collection to determine its presentation within the context of the web-portal; to devise parameters of the web resource, including to define the objectives, scale and budget of the web development
3. To undertake research into the international Muybridge collections; to develop relationships with the curators of these collections building upon preliminary contacts established by the Academics and Museum curators.
4. To design, develop and implement the web-portal working closely with web-editors on the construction of the resource, and with Partners in ensuring the consistency and accuracy of all data;
5. To manage the relationships with the curators of other collections, formalising the relationship as necessary using legal documentation
6. To implement and activate the resource, in association with the web-editors of Kingston University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and ensure the resource will achieve a maximal impact in terms of its users and audiences
7. To launch and promote the web-resource, to relevant media, academic and arts organisations
8. To manage a 1 day-symposium – half-day held at Kingston University and half-day at Kingston Museum – to provide opportunity to discuss the promotion and profile of the resource within the context of the Tate Britain exhibition devoted to Muybridge’s work in autumn 2010, and on future strategies for the promotion of the resource with a view to the generation of e-commerce and other income-generating activities, alongside embedding it within Kingston’s curriculum.

News of the appointment will be posted in due course.