Muybridge Revolutions at Kingston

Exhibition of Zoopraxiscope Discs,

(working title)

Saturday 18 September 2010-Saturday 12 February 2011

Exciting news from Kingston, of important exhibitions later this year:

Muybridge left a valuable cultural legacy to his home town of Kingston upon Thames. This outstanding collection of material, unparalleled in the world, includes many rare and beautiful objects which provide fresh insights into Muybridge’s phenomenal career. The exhibition wil focus on what could possibly be the most intriguing group of objects, Muybridge’s Zoopraxiscope discs. These 19th-century glass picture discs, many of which have not been on display before, will form the centrepiece of this new interpretation of this phase of his career.

The exhibition will link with a major Muybridge retrospective opening at the Tate Britain during the same period.

There will also be an exhibition at Kingston University’s Stanley Picker Gallery, which will include contemporary artwork directly inspired by the collection. This working relationship will help to confirm the continued influence of Muybridge into the 21st century.

More here on Muy Blog about the Kingston exhibitions, as they develop.

In the meantime, for lots more about Eadweard please visit The Compleat Muybridge.

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