Heirs to Muybridge: Time (Lapse)

Installation by Drone Dungeon, an evolving collective from San Francisco. Unlike the tripwire sensors that Muybridge used to elucidate sequence, the sensors in this project, when tripped, cause the video to resequence itself at random, and any attempts at reading meaning through narrative are rendered literally inconsequential.

March 20-April 18, 2010
Opening Reception, Saturday, March 20, 6 to 9 pm

Krowswork Gallery is pleased to present Time(Lapse), an exhibition featuring photography, video, and installation by Drone Dungeon, Katja Mater, Kim Miskowicz, and Liena Vayzman. Each of these artists is exploring image degradation through manipulated or natural cycles of time, echoing yet ultimately breaking with the sequential and linear clarity charted by photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s famous “Motion Studies” in favor of a restructuring of narrative and an emphasis on the complexity of the whole.

In 1878 Eadweard Muybridge made history by capturing sequential photographs of individual intervals of a horse in motion. By thwarting time in such dramatic fashion, Muybridge positioned himself at the frontier of the moving image, and his photographs seem inseparable from the very trajectory of history he foretold: one in which cutting edge technology would be able to decipher processes that had been up till then literally a blur. But now, in 2010, it must be admitted that the clarity that trajectory portended may not be the actual end result at all.

While the artists in this exhibition do not profess to be answering to Muybridge, their specific explorations of time and motion in a photographic medium answer to Muybridge’s experiments 130 years ago, and in some ways their approaches can be viewed as both as a critique and a continuation of the paradigm he initiated. Each of them is working to overlap and condense accumulated motion and time into singular imagery—an effort that purposely nullifies the sequential rationale of the original motion studies and obscures the very intelligibility Muybridge was seeking through them.

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