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Now online – many issues of IMAGE, Journal of the George Eastman House.  Free pdf file download. Muybridge-related articles are:

The Horse in Gallop, Vol.1., No.4, April 1952
In 1862 Lieutenant L. Wachter of the French Army sketched ten pictures of a horse in gallop, for the phenakistiscope. The writer states: “Wachter’s hand drawn pictures correspond exactly to Muybridge’s photographs…” which is debatable, though they are more accurate than other attempts of the period.

Eadweard Muybridge and the Motion Picture [on Contents page, but article title is actually…] Muybridge and the First Motion Picture. THE HORSE IN THE HISTORY OF THE MOVIES, by Beaumont Newhall, Vol.5., No.1., January 1956

The Human Figure in Motion (book review of the 1955 Dover selection, by Gerda Peterich), Vol.5., No.3, March 1956
Especially useful in noting the various differences in captions, from different sources, used for the same Animal Locomotion plates, and also the rather startling fact that some plates were trimmed of some frames: “To omit either the start or the post climax of a movement seems to be taking a liberty.”

Animals in Motion (book review of the 1957 Dover selection, by Beaumont Newhall), Vol. 7., No. 2, February 1958
Complains again that the available sources of information, in Muybridge’s notebook for instance, have not been used. However, “The pictures are still a revelation […] Especially the flight of birds seems to us a triumph of the zoopraxiscopic camera.”

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