ENTITY – dance (Time Out review)

Time Out: Chicago
Wayne McGregor | Random Dance: Live review

“The flickering, zoetropic image of a dog is our point of entry to ENTITY, the 2008 dance London’s Wayne McGregor made in collaboration with his company. The pooch is running at a full clip and at the limit of its range of motion, but its endurance is artificial: The grainy projection is of a single triumphant stride repeatedly looped….. McGregor‘s trademark style is a quicksilver tangle of absurdly facile limbs, coolly wrapped in chic design and selling sex with an enormous brain. References to the world outside of concert dance abound—Muybridge’s photographic proof of unsupported transit, the golden ratio, white tank tops dashed with the black stains of a sequencing gel—but they rest on the movement like eyeglasses on a naughty librarian.”


[Animation from photos titled “Maggie galloping” by Eadweard Muybridge, circa 1887]

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