The Muybridge Portal Project

Zoopraxiscope disc, c.1893. (c) Kingston Museum

Kingston Museum News
Issue 61 April 2010

“The Eadweard Muybridge web portal project, running between Kingston Museum and Kingston University for six months, is well on the way to completion in late May this year – with discussions underway about a possible public launch at the British Film Institute on London’s Southbank.

The primary aim of the portal project is to draw together information on all public Muybridge collections worldwide – 125 at our current reckoning! With all institutions contacted and the help of the Kingston University web team and Kingston Museum volunteer, Keith Hathaway, we are now in the process of constructing a database and populating this with information to be uploaded onto the web, so things are progressing extremely well.

In addition to collections information, the website will also provide a valuable introduction to Eadweard Muybridge in the context of the endlessly expanding, accelerating and changing socio-political world he inhabited in the 19th Century. Comparative timelines, 19th-century maps and narrated bodies of Muybridge’s photographic work will therefore comprise the remainder of the website.

The end of the project will not only mean a public and press launch on 21st May but also a public symposium. Here several well known speakers will discuss theoretical and practical issues which have arisen from the project surrounding the idea of representing history for a contemporary audience.”

[Posted here by Stephen Herbert]

In the meantime, check out my expanding website The Compleat Muybridge.