Muybridge animations / inspirations on Vimeo

no.2, by david daniels

New animations, videos, motion experiments, kinetic artworks continue to pop up on VIMEO all the time. Here’s a small selection – lots more may be found by searching the site.

MUYBRIDGE Revisited by MAN of HANK

Edwearde [sic] Muybridge in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. The long dead people from whom he took a single 12 frame cycle of existence come back to life. Music is by Brendan Beal and the moving picture was funded by the BFI (British Film Institute.)

Muybridge Experiment by alejandra anton [clever]

no. 2 by david daniels [beautiful]

Cardboard Box | Muybridge by Orla Mc Hardy [original]

Profilograph (after Muybridge) by pablo garcia [compelling]