Kingston’s Muybridge Portal is launched

Congratulations to all concerned on the new  web portal Eadweard Muybridge: Defining Modernities, which was successfully launched yesterday at the BFI South Bank in London.

This unique website, the result of an ongoing collaboration between Kingston University and Kingston Museum in the United Kingdom, aims to provide a definitive research resource surrounding the work of 19th Century photographer Eadweard Muybridge. Here you can find an introduction to Muybridge’s works in historical and social context; and information on the international collections that house them.

More about the related symposium, soon.

Posted here by Stephen Herbert

2 comments on “Kingston’s Muybridge Portal is launched

  1. A fabulous-looking website – full of stuff useful to a wide range of users, easy to navigate, and handsomely-designed. We ought to have something like this for Who’s Who of Victorian Cinema. Factually I hope it stands up – the ‘information’ giving under film in the Timeline is riddled with errors.

    • Yes, it’s impressive. As to the errors – very likely they will be corrected shortly. The whole project was put together with the usual time pressures, and I’m sure that it will continue to develop.


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