Animal Locomotion at USC

Animal Locomotion, the collection of 781 collotype plates of Eadweard Muybridge’s photographic work at the University of Pennsylvania first published in 1887 has achieved significant exposure during the past year or so, with the various major exhibitions, smaller displays such as Muybridge’s Revolver (more about that soon), and publication of the huge Taschen book.

There has been a growing presence on the web, too. The University of Southern California has a large number – around 700 – accessible to view as complete plates, or individual images. Animations of each sequence may be seen too. Where the plate comprises more than one sequence; that is, two actions, or one action photographed from different angles, each part is animated separately (just scroll down the individual pictures at left to find the animations). This is any easy way to view the subjects in motion, and the largest collection of such animations on the web – though it’s worth remembering that Muybridge’s audiences didn’t see these photographic images in this way. Although the plates are not in any particular order, the search box will find what you are looking for: e.g. Muybridge cricket. A very useful addition to web-based Muybridge work.

Posted here by Stephen Herbert

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