Corcoran ‘Helios’ exhibition: design photos online

For those of us who were unable to visit the major Muybridge exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington last year, there are several photographs on the website of Reich+Petch, giving a good idea of the aesthetic of the exhibition’s design. This is from their website:

“Corcoran Gallery of Art: Helios – Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change (Travelling Exhibit)

A key design challenge was conveying the significance of Eadweard Muybridge’s visionary ideas to a contemporary audience that is technologically sophisticated. Muybridge was ahead of his time. The visual language established from the earliest meeting with the Gallery was to present his art in a way that dispensed with traditional Victorian vernacular. The resulting design is intentionally devoid of excess.
Client / Corcoran Gallery of Art
Location / Washington, D.C. (travelling)
Size / 9,000 square feet
Scope / Exhibit Design, Graphic Design

Reich+Petch is a multi-disciplinary design group with over 25 years experience. The hallmark of our work and our brand is “experience design” and we are firmly rooted in the importance of the visitor experience. We are inspired by opportunities that allow us to create meaningful and engaging environments that excite the senses and make an emotional connection.

Reich+Petch is a design collaborative including exhibit designers, interior designers, graphic designers and industrial designers as well as architects, technologists, facility planners, and project managers. We have worked in over 20 countries, have appeared in numerous publications and have won many awards. Reich + Petch have created signature projects that have come to define the very clients we work for.”

Posted here by Stephen Herbert