Michael Eklund ‘to star in Muybridge movie’

Our first ever quote from The Hollywood Reporter:


Michael Eklund. Getty Images

“Michael Eklund, the villain in this weekend’s surprise Halle Berry hit The Call, will star in an untitled psychological thriller centering on Eadweard Muybridge.

Muybridge was a world-famous 19th century photographer who took pictures of nude and deformed subjects, found fame with his landscape shots and pioneered motion photography by capturing animals and humans in action and let the way for motion pictures with his zoopraxiscope device. His personal life also was noteworthy: He killed his wife’s lover and received a justifiable homicide verdict.

Kyle Rideout is directing the indie movie, which is being produced by Josh Epstein. The duo also wrote the script, which is based on the play created by Electric Company Theatre. Rideout and Epstein were behind Wait for Rain, a short which won best science fiction/fantasy at last year’s Comic-Con International Film Festival. They also made the playfully eerie short Hop the Twig, which won best short film in Canada on CBC’s Short Film Face Off. The Muybridge project will be their first feature. The plan is to shoot this summer in Vancouver.”

Borys Kit 18 March 2013.

(Posted here by Stephen Herbert)