Estorick Exhibition: reviews

Eadweard Muybridge: Cockatoo (from Animal Locomotion)


The Independent (Art)

…raises all kinds of questions, not only about how we perceive movement in still images, but also about what art is.

The Guardian

Muybridge set up 12 cameras in a row, and his pictures are surreal successions of static images; Marey invented a camera that could record successive states of movement on the same negative. Their fusions of science and art are slightly monstrous, like Frankenstein’s creature. But as they snap these restraining bands, the exhibition, too, comes alive.


There’s quite a bit of technical stuff to absorb but even if you’re not particularly into all that, this exhibition is constantly enthralling.

London Evening Standard

On the Move is an engaging, thought-provoking show.

Wednesday, 20 January – Sunday, 18 April 12:00 – 17:00
Estorick Collection, 39a Canonbury Square, Islington, N1 2AN
£5.00 (Admission) , £4.00 (Concessions)

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